Clive Wood Ltd


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August 1972 a Bedford KEL - CFW49L
10 tons gross -7 tons payload.
Lancashire markets or multi drops to Hillards supermarkets or Northern Daries

Clive Wood Ltd CFW49L

       1974 - HTL337N a 16 ton Leyland Boxer powered by a Perkins 6.354.2.  The Clydesdale below is the same truck but powered by a Leyland /AEC . There are no photos of our truck unfortunately

1979 - WBE 260V Dodge with Perkins turbo 6354.2 called “Katie” after Clive’s first born

Clive Wood Ltd WBE260V

1982 KFW216Y & 1984 B299HJV
Both Mercedes 1617 170 bhp - 17 tons gross

Clive Wood Ltd KFW216Y
 1989 - G521 SVL- the first new Volvo
320 bhp pulling an I.S.T. tilt

Clive Wood Ltd G521SVL

K141EJV a 360 Globetrotter
"Lady Valerie"360 seemed like a big engine in those days

Clive Wood Ltd K141EJV

Reloading fish in Portugal. The trailer brakes gave out on the IP5 coming home and  we discovered that a Volvo exhaust brake can get you out of a serious mess

Clive Wood Ltd K141EJV
1996 P808TEE 460 XL CD
"Lady Valerie"

Clive Wood Ltd P808TEE

A Horse's head on each side hand painted by Mervyn Dove - Photo taken at Truckfest 1997

1999 - T281JBE
Another Lady Valerie
This one had a gold paint job courtesy of John Cumberland  and would  change colour completely under the sodium lights of Caparo Scunthorpe where it spent far too much time

Clive Wood Ltd T281JBE

2002 X818HFU a 460 XL CD
"Lady Valerie"  - a great truck

Clive Wood Ltd X818HFU

2002  FY02HCC  a 500 (compound) XL CD
The best of them all (we think)

Clive Wood Ltd FY02HCC

2007 YN05CJX 460 XL

Clive Wood Ltd YN05CJX
With Windhorst fridge on Woodhead

2006 -FX06AZA Scania 470 Top Line

Clive Wood Ltd FX06AZA

2006 YN56OBC Lady Jenny  460XL

Clive Wood Ltd YN56OBC
Bought at 6 months old and
our first Ad-blue Volvo

2007 FX07AZA 460   "Lady Jane"

Clive Wood Ltd FX07AZA

"Lady Jane" after Clive's Mum
The first Ad-blue DAF

2008  FX08NKN 460 XL
"Lady Kate"
The first truck in Visbeen decals from new.
Clive Wood Ltd FX08NKN

2009 FX09 "Lady Valerie" a 460 XL  
The first version 2 low ride

Clive Wood Ltd FX09KWT

2010 FX10BZW  "Lady Jennifer"  460 XL
The 2nd of the version 2 "Low Ride" trucks

Clive Wood Ltd FX10BZW

2011  FX61CZJ  460 XL
"Lady Katharine"

Clive Wood Ltd FX61CZJ

2011 FX11EAW Lady Emma
and  FX61DYN    Lady Jane

Clive Wood Ltd FX11EAW-FX61DYN

2012  FX12CZE a new 500 XL "Lady Valerie" 
Click for our favourite night time photo

Clive Wood Ltd FX12CZE

 2013  FX13FDY 500 XL
The very first Series 3 FH on the road in our area

Clive Wood Ltd FX13FDY

2013 FY63LYC 460 SS
"Lady Jane"

Clive Wood Ltd FY63LYC

2014 FX14CKN  500 XL
"Lady Katharine"
Clive Wood Ltd FX14CKN

2014 FX14CKO 500 XL
"Lady Valerie
Clive Wood Ltd FX14CKO

 2014  FX14CKP 460 XL
"Lady Jenny"
Clive Wood Ltd FX14CKP

2014 - LYC on board with Mammoet

FY63LYC - Mammoet Ferry - Clive Wood Ltd

2016 - FX16EFW

 Clive Wood Ltd Mammoet Ferry FX16EFW

A 510 SuperSpace

Clive Wood Ltd Mammoet Ferry FX16EFW
"Lady Alexa"

 Clive Wood Ltd Mammoet Ferry FX16EFW


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